Transferring Videotapes and Home Movies to DVD or Digital Files

So you want to transfer some of your old tapes and home movies to DVD or MP4?

Having been in the digital media transfer business for many years I wanted to put together a blog that can help people with this common problem. Where can we put all of those old pictures, movies, 8mm film that are boxed up in the closet or attic? The easiest answer is there are many ways to accomplish this. Check out the article section to find more detailed information on specific tips and guides on how to best transfer those old media types to modern Mp4 or CDs.

Some of the main topics I would like to include in this blog are:

How to articles on the best ways to transfer old files to new modern digital media

There are many articles out there that cover this. The problem is when you are doing it yourself you can be overwhelmed with the amount of different programs that are available. We will try to select the free versions of software that can accomplish this. As always paid software will be the best but for those people that just want to save some old photos in a shoebox and put them onto a DVD shouldn’t have an issue. For those who don’t want to embark on this task then we will put together a list of the top companies who offer these services.

Links to good videos that show how you can set up your own media transfer set up

There are so many videos on youtube available for “how to transfer photos” “how to put pictures on a CD” so make sure you are getting tips on the exact media you are working with. Watch a few videos before you actually purchase any software or equipment. Many operating systems come pre-packaged software that might enable you to complete some of these projects with your home computer.

The best companies nationwide that offer this service for those who want it done right

As of now we have only located a few nationwide companies that offer reliable service for all types of media. We will updating the list soon. Video to DVD transfer can be tough if you aren’t computer savvy. These are the most popular help items requested when it comes to transferring old images and movies to modern digital formats. We will be addressing these topics 1 by 1. Although they are all related they may have some small differences regarding what hardware or software you’ll need.

Transfer Home Movies to DVD

Read our article here on how to change your wedding video into a DVD. You can just replace wedding with whatever type of home video you have like a sports event, birthday party, old movies when you were growing up. It’s the same basic principle no matter what category you are trying to transfer.

How to Transfer dvd movies to external hard drive

If you already have the files stored on your computer you can transfer them to an external drive. Most computers nowadays are easy to use. You can just plug the drive in and then drag the movies into the external hard drive. If you need to download special software or drivers then check out our category on How-To transfer and find the article that best fits your current setup.

super 8 movies to dvd transfer

For this type of transfer you may need special equipment. We will be updated our posts with an article on how to do this yourself. There are however many companies around the united states that offer this service. Many of them allow you to send the media via mail and then they can transfer the media and return it to you with the originals. This will ensure it is done properly by a professional and nothing gets damaged during the process.